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Our Story

Newtrimed was founded on 7th February 2000 and later converted as a private limited company under the banner Newtrimed HealthCare Pvt Ltd on 11th July 2016 (CIN – U36999TN2016PTC111358). The company banks on over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry of its founding director, T M Kannan. NHCPL has a significant presence in the hardcore dermatology and cosmeceutical segment with over 40 unique formulations, many of which are for the first time in India. Known for its ability to offer need-based formulas in state-of-the-art packaging and scientific professional marketing, NHCPL enjoys the warmth and patronage of many dermatologists.

At our cosmetology company, our vision is centered around being a trailblazer in the industry, driven by our commitment to Innovative and Need Based Product Design. We strive to develop groundbreaking cosmetic solutions that cater to the evolving needs and desires of our customers. With an unwavering focus on Quality, we ensure that every product we offer is crafted with precision, using premium ingredients and cutting-edge techniques, to deliver exceptional results and meet the highest standards.

Emphasizing Good Marketing Practices, we aim to create strong brand awareness and build enduring relationships with our target audience. Our Marketing Strategy encompasses creative campaigns and strategic partnerships to effectively communicate the unique benefits and value our products bring.

Recognizing the importance of Training, we invest in continuous development for our team, equipping them with the latest industry knowledge, techniques, and trends. This enables us to stay ahead of the curve and offer expert advice and exceptional service to our customers.

Above all, our ultimate goal is to achieve Customer Delight. We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, striving to exceed their expectations and create unforgettable experiences. By continuously innovating, maintaining superior quality, implementing effective marketing practices, providing comprehensive training, and focusing on customer satisfaction, we aspire to become the go-to choice for individuals seeking the finest cosmetology solutions.


Core Pillars of Our Business Strategy


Innovative and Need-Based Product Design

We design and promote innovative dermatological, cosmeceutical and nutritional products with an aim to cater to the needs of the consumer which is defined by dermatologists



We are driven by our own responsibilities. Whether it is the work that we do or the products that we market, quality comes innately when the responsibility is owned.


Good Marketing Practices

By employing ethical marketing practices to promote our products, by complying and timely upgradation to the latest guidelines set forth by the relevant government departments, having a healthy relationship with our distributors and stockists.



Be it online, offline or on the job, to meet the ever changing industry standards, training is imparted at periodic intervals to ensure the objectives of both the individual and the company is met.


Marketing Strategy

To achieve optimum benefits, the unique product design concept are delivered through interesting marketing strategy backed up with scientific information


Customer Delight

Building trust and confidence since 2000, by offering innovative and need based products which are backed up by scientific studies, by addressing consumer feedback on priority, constantly improving the products and complying to various standards



Our strength is a cumulative result of the capabilities and strengths of our employees.



Innovative product formulation enclosed in cutting-edge packaging.



Our scientific sales promotion strategy has enabled us to establish a strong position in the market, surpassing numerous competitors.



Achieving success hinges on the effective execution of the remaining three Ps.

Managing Director

T M Kannan 

Known as TMS in the field, T M Kannan, a luminary in the pharmaceutical industry, is celebrated for his academic excellence as a gold medalist from Madura College, Madurai University. His career embarked at Dey's Medicals as a medical representative, where he honed profound expertise in the field. This foundation paved the way for his pivotal role in co-founding Fourrts India Laboratories, a testament to his visionary leadership, where he served until 1989.

Kannan's pharmaceutical prowess earned him a prestigious consultancy with Unilever, entrusting him with the critical task of introducing a significant product to elite medical practitioners. His career is marked by a rich tapestry of research, spanning animal studies, human clinical trials, and intricate market analyses. He led an innovative study on Phenytoin Sodium's healing properties for wounds under the guidance of Dr. G.N. Menon of The Health Foundation of New York, once known as the Dreyfus Medical Foundation, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in medical research.

His influence extends globally, evident in his role as a consultant for Sapphire Pharmaceuticals in Kuala Lumpur and his advisory positions with leading Indian dermatological pharmaceutical companies. Kannan's strategic expertise in exporting products to markets such as Germany, Mauritius, Malaysia, and Singapore further underscores his remarkable impact on the global pharmaceutical landscape. His career is not just a series of accomplishments, but a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and global vision in the world of pharmaceuticals.


Board of Directors

T M Lakshmynarayan Bsc, MCA

Lakshmynarayan, an esteemed gold medalist in MCA, is a phenomenal addition to our team, equipped with a vast array of expertise and experience. His illustrious career, which spans over 12 years at industry behemoths like HCL and Amazon, has witnessed his ascent through various management echelons, earning him widespread recognition.

His exceptional academic achievements, in tandem with his profound knowledge of the IT sector, make him a priceless member of our board. Lakshmynarayan's in-depth understanding of the IT landscape and formidable leadership skills are set to greatly bolster our strategic planning and ignite innovation in the digital arena.

With his forward-thinking mindset, impressive career trajectory, and agility in navigating the ever-evolving IT environment, Lakshmynarayan is destined to be a central figure in propelling NHCPL's growth and triumph, epitomizing the quintessence of a visionary leader.


T M Vivek B.E, MBA

Vivek is an invaluable asset to our organization, bringing a rich tapestry of IT experience from his substantial tenure at a leading IT firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over five years, he has meticulously cultivated a deep expertise in the rapidly evolving technological realm, making him a cornerstone of our team.

His global exposure and nuanced understanding of the international IT landscape are pivotal in spearheading our digital strategies and broadening our organizational horizons. Vivek's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience across diverse IT sectors are crucial in enriching our board's collective intelligence and guiding our strategic decisions.

Vivek's distinct perspective, coupled with his innovative mindset and dedication to technology, are instrumental in charting our company's forward trajectory. His unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for tech innovation promise to significantly reinforce NHCPL's stature in the competitive industry landscape, marking him as a visionary in our midst.

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